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Dear runners,

The race management team is working diligently to find the best alternatives following the torrential lava flow that occurred on the event course in Haut Val de Bagnes on Wednesday evening and considering the weekend's weather forecasts. Heavy showers are expected starting Saturday at 12:00 PM and should last until early Sunday morning. Given the high risk of flows and watercourse overflows in increasingly unstable terrain, the organization is adjusting to the dry weather windows before and after this rainy and stormy period. Therefore, the race management has decided to concentrate its races from Friday 10:00 PM to Saturday 1:00 PM, and to resume on Sunday from 8:00 AM. The Fregnolay torrent flow in Lourtier has compelled it, at the request of the local authorities due to the complete closure of the access road for an indefinite period, to bypass Brunet, Panossière, and Lourtier. The situation of the Dranse is under close surveillance, it can evolve continuously and may force the organization to make further decisions.

We are compelled to make this difficult decision to ensure the safety of each and every one of you, which is our top priority, and of course, in compliance with the decisions of the local authorities following the major damage caused by the adverse weather conditions.

We have explored all possible solutions to make this weekend a celebration and to ensure you have a great time. We understand and share your disappointment regarding these changes, and we are doing everything we can to ensure your safety throughout this event.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

General questions

X-Alpine – 60km/3900D+

The X-Alpine race will start at 10PM from Verbier and end at La Fouly. Runners will be transported back to Verbier by bus. The new distance is 60km with 3900d+, and the last runner is expected at 1.30pm.

X-Traversée - cancelled

The X-Traversée race (100k) is canceled. However, we would like to offer X-Traversée runners a moment of sharing by meeting on Saturday at 8:00 AM in Châble (new location) to run to Verbier. This course will be 17 km with 1550D+, and the last runner is expected by 3:00 PM. X-Traversée runners will receive an email with more details. Whether you participate in this 17 km race or not, you will receive the same conditions for a refund.

Marathon - 38km/2500D+

The Verbier Marathon race will start at 8.30 am from Moay on the Sunday and not Saturday. The route has been modified due to the inaccessibility of the Val de Bagne. The new distance is 38 km with 2500D+, and the last runner is expected at 7:30 pm.