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Welcome to your carpooling platform for your World Series circuit races! A dedicated space for runners to get to the events by UTMB among enthusiasts.

The steps to follow to experience carpooling

Step 1: I log into my MyUTMB account. I fill in the various information requested to complete my profile on the carpooling platform.

I choose the event I am going to and the race day.

Step 2: I am the driver, I provide details of my trip (starting point, times, number of available seats, cost of the shared journey).

I am a passenger, I use the filters to find a trip that meets my needs.

Step 3: I am the driver, I confirm my offer and I am contacted by the passengers.

I am a passenger, I book my seat on the trip that suits me and I contact the driver via the platform's messaging system to finalize the details.

Step 4: Once my trip is confirmed, I just have to share my passion with another passenger.