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8th July 2023

Verbier Marathon

New this year ! The Verbier Marathon changes its starting place, leading to an affordable D+/km ratio and a true marathon distance.

Race Category


Running Stones



42 KM

Elevation Gain

3000 M+

Start Date

8th July 2023

Start Time


Verbier Marathon

The start will be given above the village of Bruson, which you will reach by cable car from Le Châble. The mountainous single track is winding along the ridge with awesome views on the Grand Combin and Mt Blanc, leading you to the top of Mt Rogneux, the highest point of the race at 3084m. Then you go down, passing by several mountain lakes before reaching the Panossière area, with its suspension bridge and its glacier. You’ll be very close to the Grd Combin, standing above you at 4314m. At the end of the race, unlike other races, you will avoid the famous wall, to climb directly to Verbier along a less steep trail.

Verbier Marathon

Find out below every detail you'll need to know to take part to the Verbier Marathon.