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The most demanding 100 miles in the World Series? Dare the mountain experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


140 KM

Elevation Gain

9300 M+

Start Date

Friday 11th July 2025

Race Start

Verbier - 22:00

Max Allowed Race Time

46 Hours 30 Minutes


Starting at 10 p.m. from Verbier, a first ascent and a traverse along the ridge above the illuminated resort. Then you reach the famous village of Champex and its lake, passing by several typical Swiss villages. A long climb to the Orny hut awaits you. You will be in a very alpine environment, next to the first glacier. Then you go down to La Fouly before climbing up through alpine pastures and along the lakes of Fenêtre and the pass. A short passage to Italy before reaching the historical pass of Grand St Bernard, famous for its hospice and its rescue dogs. Then you go back in the direction of Verbier through several passes and eventually passing by the glacier area of Panossière and its suspension bridge. You’ll be very close to the Grd Combin, standing above you at 4314m. After this amazing place you will still have to climb the famous 1200m wall before going finally down to Verbier.

UPDATE : The X-Alpine race will start at 10PM from Verbier and end at La Fouly. Runners will be transported back to Verbier by bus. The new distance is 60km with 3900d+, and the last runner is expected at 1.30pm.


Race information

Profil, map and time charts You can download the profil in .png and the map in .gpx