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X-Traversée, the eldest race of TVSB! With its 5 passes it offers a diversified alpine route.

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


76 KM

Elevation Gain

5300 M+

Start Date

Saturday 6th July 2024

Race Start

La Fouly - 08:00

Max Allowed Race Time

26 Hours



The start is in La Fouly, where you’ll immediately be in an alpine environment passing by the Fenêtre Lakes and the pass. It’s the first one of this 5 pass race. A short passage to Italy before reaching the historical pass of Grand St Bernard, famous for its hospice and its rescue dogs. Then it’s a succession of passes, leading you to the Col des Avouillons, gate to the Panossière area its glacier and its suspension bridge. You’ll be very close to the Grd Combin, standing above you at 4314m. After this amazing place you will still have to climb the famous 1200m wall before going eventually down to Verbier.

Race information

Profil, map and time charts You can download the profil in .png and the map in .gpx

Find out here all the details you need to know when registering to the X-Traversée